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CGL demonstrates a strong ongoing commitment to HSE standards and we ensure that our people and subcontractors are provided with the requisite resources in maintaining the highest standards of health & safety.

CGL confirms that health safety and environmental conservation are integral part of its primary business activity. CGL’s motto is to prevent any accident or problem prior causing unpleasant surprises.

Comply with all national applicable laws, acts regulations and permit conditions as a minimum standard for its health and safety practice and management procedure for operations. And, by extensions where applicable to other countries where we conduct business.

Take all necessary measures to ensure that every employee and other person lawfully at the work place understand and comply with their responsibility to protect the environment.

Train and provide information’s, to reduce risks to employees and others due to poor practice by enhancing the proper handling of equipment and materials.

To identify, prevent, eliminate and /or control all hazards.

Establish communication for resolutions of concerns for correcting and improving the quality of safety and health.

The HSE is strictly monitored by the management and we review and evaluate the HSE policy on quarterly basis.